The Buffer Brush

My most sought after sell-out brush is the ultimate in luxury. The smart synthetic fibres are so silky soft delivering the most luxurious airbrushed finish to the skin. This brush does not soak up your product meaning you will only need a small amount for application. The beautiful black bristles undergo a 7 step process during manufacture to prevent shedding meaning you won’t see any brush hairs stuck to your face.

100% Vegan

Cruelty Free
Sustainable Beauty



Carly Fisher Beauty
The Buffer Brush

Product Features

  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sustainable Beauty

Product Features

This is a super multi-tasking brush which can be used for liquid, cream and powder products.

Product Features

  • Skincare (Primer)
  • Foundation
  • Cream contour, blush and highlight Finishing powder


I use only the very best products

Carly uses high quality skincare, makeup and tools. Carly will create a look to suit your individual eye shape, face shape and skin colouring.

Weather its bridal, occasional or a makeup lesson you require, Carly will always provide a top-quality service.


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